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The main mission of the Scelles Foundation is to inform all audiences about global trends in prostitution and its consequences, to help change attitudes and convince decision-makers and stakeholders to make every effort to limit and prevent this phenomenon.

Its main resources are devoted to analyzing the phenomenon, raising public awareness, advocating and developing  partnerships to build and implement common strategies for combating sexual exploitation.

New activities have been put in place in 2017 in the legal and judicial fields, in particular to combat procuring, to assist victims, and to raise awareness about the fight against the purchase of sexual acts.

The Scelles Foundation, which was declared a public benefit foundation by the decree of 22 December 1994, has its headquarters in Paris 1st at 14 rue Mondétour, the property having been bequeathed by its founders Jeanne and Jean Scelles.







  • It is first and foremost thanks to the rent (€246,584) and financial proceeds (€37,589) of this bequest that the Foundation is able to carry out its work.


  • The generosity of the public amounted to €47,005 in 2017, with little change compared to 2016. However, it is still slightly lower, in particular due to economic factors and increasingly fierce competition.


  • The Scelles Foundation received a  grant of €23,433 in 2017, to coordinate, in partnership with the French Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (Directorate-General of Social Cohesion), a local evaluation study on the law of 13 April 2016 aimed at strengthening the fight against the system of prostitution and supporting prostituted persons. It will be carried out by the sociologists Hélène Pohu and Jean-Philippe Guillemet, in Narbonne, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Paris, from January to April 2018. 



30 volunteers  devoted their time to working with the Scelles Foundation in 2017. 

They each gave an average of 40 days, or + 14% compared to 2016, which shows an ever stronger commitment, coupled with significant loyalty to the Scelles Foundation among volunteers who have been present for many years, participating in essential missions within the organization.

By calculating the monetary value of this time using the SMIC (minimum wage including payroll taxes) or twice the SMIC for volunteers with management roles, this gift of time amounted to €148,313.  





  • Anecessary investment programme

In addition to its significant and continuous efforts for many years in terms of research and expertise, the Scelles Foundation has been engaged for 2 years in an investment programme including the development of partnerships in France and the United States with an on-site support team, as well as communication and advocacy activities in France and abroad to increase the visibility of the phenomenon and the promotion of effective solutions in terms of prevention, repression and education. As part of the new French legal framework, the Foundation also set up legal and judicial activities in 2017, in particular to discourage demand and support victims in courtrooms.


  • Research - expertise

In 2017, the Scelles Foundation developed and shared its expertise and provided analyses to the general public, and to specialists and decision-makers. A large proportion of its activities have been devoted to the preparation of the 5th Global Report on Prostitution, which will be disseminated in 2018 in the form of a regional overview of the phenomenon and a study of its latest developments.  


  • France - international partnerships    

The Scelles Foundation continued to develop its network of partners, in France, in Europe, and in the US via its American mission. Accordingly, many awareness-raising and advocacy actions were carried out in partnership with civil society actors and French and foreign organizations.


  • Communication - campaigns 

In 2017, the Scelles Foundation continued providing information and raising public awareness about prostitution, in order to help change attitudes to this phenomenon and its victims and to discourage demand. Special efforts have been made in prevention to warn about new trends in the phenomenon and to protect young people and women.


  • Advocacy  


The Scelles Foundation got involved again in 2017 in promoting the Franco-Swedish model and the response provided by the law of 13 April 2016  against the system of prostitution. It undertook numerous actions abroad as part of its US programme, relying on the abolitionist network CAP International, of which it is a founding member.  


  • Legal - Judicial    

In 2017, the Scelles Foundation created a unit dedicated to new legal and judicial missions, which are part of recent public and criminal policies. These activities are scheduled for development in 2018.



Chargeable expenses are allocated directly to the missions carried out by the Foundation in France and abroad. Staff costs and expenses that cannot be directly assigned to these tasks are distributed based on the time spent by employees on these activities.


Transparency and Control

The accounts are managed by the Treasurer of the Scelles Foundation with the help of a volunteer accountant. They are certified by the Audit et Conseil Union accounting firm, represented by Jean-Marc Fleury.
They are available on request.



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